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African lions have been admired throughout history as symbols of strength and courage. Their sheer power and dominance have earned them the nickname of ‘King of the Jungle’. This magnificent lion is Bob Junior, and he had a fearsome reputation amongst his rivals, ruling the Eastern Serengeti for seven years alongside his brother, Tryggve.


Lions are highly territorial, establishing and defending territories that provide access to resources such as prey and water. The battle for territory is a constant tussle, and unfortunately, Bob Junior was killed by a pair of younger, rival lions in March 2023. Although brutal, the social dynamics and structure of lion societies ensure the regular rotation of individuals resulting in the maintenance of genetic diversity.


This photo was taken in July 2020 when Bob Junior was seven years old and at the peak of his sexual maturity. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to capture this impressive lion in his absolute prime.


    • Available in three sizes:
      Small - 320 x 220mm (inc 10mm border)
      Medium - 480 x 330mm (inc 15mm border)
      Large - 640 x 440mm (inc 20mm border)
    • From the studio to your front door, this print is 100% Carbon Neutral. All emissions produced through shipping by air or vehicle is offset via The Gold Standard.
    • Printed on high-quality & sustainably sourced Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl.
    • From the paper, to the tape, all materials that have produced your print (and got it safely to you) have been sustainably sourced and are FSC® certified.
    • Contributing to Conservation: 20% of profits are donated to Save The Rhino International.

    *Please note you are purchasing the print only.



    • All prints are fulfilled on an order-by-order basis by The Print Space in London, so please be patient. Prints are usually dispatched within 3-5 days of your order being placed
    • *Estimated Shipping Times:
      - UK & Europe: 1-2 weeks
      - USA & Canada: 2-3 weeks
      - Rest of the World: up to 4 weeks
      - Once dispatched, you will receive a tracking number via email.
    • If you haven’t received your print after the estimated time periods above, please email me ( so we can try & find your print!

    • Unfortunately, I cannot accept returns (prints are shipped directly from the studio) but I’m positive that you will absolutely love your print! However, if any issues arise, please do email me.

    • In the unlikely event that your print is damaged during transit, please email me within 48 hours of its arrival with your name, order number, and photographic evidence of the damage to both packaging & print.

    • Please see more information here: Shipping & Returns.

    *Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by postal strikes or hold-ups at customs.

Lara jackson wildlife photographer and conservation biologist white rhino portrait photogr

Why Save The Rhino?

There are 5 rhino species on Earth and every single one of them is listed as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.


I have a masters in Wildlife Conservation and my thesis investigated black rhinos. I feel so fortunate to have worked on the ground with these iconic, charismatic animals and I just couldn't understand why we were still losing rhinos to outdated information & unfounded beliefs. I can honestly say that there are SO many people who care, and are working tirelessly to protect these magnificent creatures.


Save The Rhino International support numerous, vital, projects around the world, from funding anti-poaching units to enabling ground-breaking research.

I'm thrilled to be donating 20% of all profits to Save The Rhino International.

I am also incredibly proud to be their Ambassador.

To find out how you will be helping, please visit
Thank you!

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