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  • Lara Jackson | @lara_wildlife

An Army of Ants!

Published by the British Ecological Society in the Tropical Ecology Group. Please click here for the full post!


Did you know that deep in the Belizean rainforest, there are a family of trees that house an army of ants who defend their host tree from all manner of creatures large and small? No? Well please do click here to find out more! As a child, I was absolutely fascinated by stories of the rainforest. Of the sprawling trees that grew to heights beyond my imagination, of the colourful birds that flew above the canopy, of the elusive jungle cats that stalked their prey through the undergrowth, and of the people, whose lives were so different to my own. So, when the opportunity arose to conduct a small research project in the Belizean Rainforest, I jumped at the chance.... Head to the Tropical Ecology Group to read the full post!


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