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A Little bit about my

Scientific Research

My research projects have taken me to many parts of the world, during my time at university and beyond. Read about some of the cutting-edge projects I've worked on below. 

Lara Jackson Wildlife Photography and Conservation Tracking Black Rhinos at Lewa Wildlife

© James Kerr

© Lara Jackson _ _lara_wildlife
The Black Rhino: Browse Availability & Resource Utilisation in Kenya.

This project investigated seasonal variation in the amount of browse available to the black rhino population on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Kenya), and how the population utilised those food resources.

Findings had implications for habitat manipulation, current management strategies and the conservation of fenced black rhino populations across Africa.

Zanzibar's Dolphins: Does unethical tourism affect wild dolphin behaviour?

Pre Covid-19, I managed a dolphin research project in Zanzibar. Tourism has increased ten-fold in Zanzibar over the past 30 years and a popular tourist activity is swimming with dolphins.


However, more boats on the water, unethical boat driving and irresponsible behaviour by the tourists, is negatively affecting the behaviour of the dolphins.

Spinner Dolphins
© Michael Darling

© Michael Darling

Madagascar's Mouse Lemurs: Species-specific Personality Traits

Anthropogenic activities are one of the driving causes of habitat loss. This is especially relevant in Madagascar where 90% of primary forest has been destroyed in the past 2000 years. Numerous endemic species are now at risk of extinction by deforestation.

This study investigated species-specific personality traits in two critically endangered species of mouse lemurs.

Belize: Investigating the efficacy of an Ant-Acacia mutualism

This short-research project investigated the neotropical symbiotic relationship between acacia trees and the Pseudomyrmex genus of ants, in Belize. Using proxy caterpillars made from a modelling clay, the extent of attack occurrence by the ants and therefore, the efficacy of the mutualism was assessed.

Publication is currently being worked towards.



Conservation Biologist, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

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