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Nikon Sessions

Filmed in the field, I was thrilled to be asked to host an episode of the ever popular series: Nikon Sessions.

Dovrefjell, Norway - Celebrating women in wildlife photography

In February 2023, I travelled to Dovrefjell with a group of inspirational Wildlife Photographers: Rachel Bigsby, Lina Kayser, and Eeva Mäkinen.


We had one goal in mind: to find and photograph Dovrefjell's famous herd of musk ox. Tens of thousands of years ago, musk oxen lived alongside the woolly mammoth in the mountains and valleys of what is now Norway. It's long been a dream of mine to find and photograph them.

During the trip, I was able to borrow the 600mm f/4 with in-built teleconverter and I fell in love with this lens. It’s not often you come away from such a short trip with images that you envisioned from the start but I’m so proud of some of the photographs I created!

Is there space to reintroduce the lynx to the UK?


In December 2022, George Benjamin and I travelled to Switzerland — where the lynx was secretly reintroduced 50 years ago — to better understand the challenges and benefits associated with restoring a missing predator to its native ecosystem. With the UK declared one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, questions are being raised about our missing wildlife and the part predators like the lynx could play in rebuilding damaged habitats and regulating deer populations.


Can the reintroduction of this keystone species in Switzerland set the stage for the comeback of the Lynx population across Europe and the UK?

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Thank you to Fridolin and Kristina from KORA for lending their time and expertise, to Celina from the Swiss hunting society, to Jack Wolfskin for kitting us out, to Julian, Nina, Jack, Igor, Monday, Etta, Jessie, Holly, Alexia and everyone else who bought our vision to life.

Isle of mull - Exploring with Nikon school

In May 2022, George Benjamin and I were very excited to show off the abundance of wildlife on the stunning Isle of Mull to Nikon School.

It’s safe to say that the island didn’t hold back and we had some incredible wildlife encounters with otters, golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, shags, razorbills, guillemots and more.

Without a doubt, my favourite day was being able to show off Lunga, part of the Treshnish Isles. This amazing island sees the return of hundreds of sea birds each year for the breeding season. 

We also had some important discussions about ethical wildlife photography.

Nikon Days Photography with purpose

In October 2021, we joined Nikon in Hamburg for a a special one-day event. I was thrilled to join a discussion, exploring purpose in wildlife photography with fellow photographers: George Benjamin & Conor McDonnell.

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