The Hunt

The Hunt


Complete and utter focus.. there’s nothing quite like watching a cheetah stalk it’s prey.


With several incredible adaptations that enable cheetahs to push the boundaries of possibility, they are masters of stealth, speed and agility. The cheetah is engineered for speed, with their aerodynamic body frame, lightweight skeleton, flexible spine, large heart and superior respiratory system.


These adaptations mean that they are much smaller and weaker than Africa’s other big cats. As a result, cheetahs are mainly active during the day, travelling and hunting when the sun is up to avoid coming into contact, and competing, with lions and leopards who are most active at night.


Cheetahs also have to be clever; their small size and lightweight skeleton means that they can’t rely on brute strength to bring down their prey. Instead, they try to trip the animal up so they can close their jaws around its throat and suffocate it to death.


Despite their incredible adaptations, the success rate of cheetah hunts is approximately 50%. This young girl unfortunately didn’t catch the prey she was hunting, but nevertheless, it was incredible to watch such a dynamic cat in action.


20% of profits from the sale of this print will be donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Please click here to find out more.


    Printed on Innova Etching 315 gsm cotton rag paper that is sustainably sourced and FSC® certified. Available in three sizes:


    Small - 300x200mm
    Medium - 450x300mm
    Large - 600x400mm


    All prints are hand signed.
    UK buyers: If you would like your print to be framed, please email me and we can discuss the options -- thank you!



    Prints fulfilled on an order-by-order basis  so please be patient.
    Estimated handling time is 5-7 working days.
    Shipped by Royal Mail – Tracked & Signed. UK orders should arrive within 1-2 working days and International orders should arrive within 5-7 working days.


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Contributing to Conservation

Why Lewa Wildlife Conservancy?

It's personal...

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a private reserve in the centre of Kenya. Originally founded as a rhino sanctuary in 1983, Lewa's rhino population has grown from 15 founding individuals to over 169 rhinos today. Lewa now holds 14% of Kenya's rhino population and is a leading pioneer in rhino conservation. By providing a suitable and safe habitat for threatened wildlife, Lewa has also enabled other key African species to thrive, including the critically endangered Grevy's zebra, elephants, lions, wild dogs, cheetah, the critically endangered Pancake tortoise and many more...

I have a masters in Wildlife Conservation and my thesis investigated black rhinos. I spent 7 months researching the black rhino population on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and I worked with some of the most inspiring, passionate and amazing people that I have ever met. I have witnessed first-hand the incredible work that is conducted on Lewa: vital scientific research, cutting-edge anti-poaching strategies, working closely with the local communities and providing educational outreach programmes to the surrounding schools. Lewa is truly a catalyst for conservation.


20% of all profits will be donated to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, specifically to the Research & Monitoring Department - my home for seven months, and a department whose work is vital for the conservation of several critically endangered species across the landscape. To find out how you will be helping, please visit Thank you!

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