Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant


This photo was taken during my second research trip to Lewa and I'm so glad that I managed to capture my most memorable and favourite encounter with these gentle giants. 


That morning, Dickson (my research partner) and I were having difficulty finding my study species, the black rhino. We decided to drive to the top of a hill, hoping that we'd have a better vantage point and would be able to spot one through the binoculars.

The hill had a big plateaued area at the top and on the opposite side, about one hundred metres away, there were 3 white rhinos busy grazing in the morning rays. I hopped out of the car (still 100m away) and sat down to take some photographs – having observed rhino behaviour for hours and hours, I knew they were perfectly comfortable.


Before long, the 3 rhinos had grazed their way closer and closer to the car and this impressive male was standing about five metres away from me. I was eye-to-eye with one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. We looked at each other for thirty seconds before he let out a huff of air and moved away to find more grass. My heart was beating so quickly.


To this day, it remains the most wonderful, incredible, memorable and breath-taking encounter I’ve ever had with these gentle giants.


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