Presenting Projects

I strongly believe that the key to conservation lies in raising public awareness, increasing engagement, inspiring young minds and sparking our natural curiosity.

Here are some of the projects I've worked on.

BBC Earth 

Chatting All Things Cheetah

I scripted and presented a social media takeover for BBC Earth, sharing interesting facts about the fastest land animal in the world. All photos and footage were taken in the Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya. 


BBC Earth 

Researching Black Rhinos 

During the data collection period of my research, I scripted and presented a social media takeover for BBC Earth. The takeover details my research and explains why the outcomes could be crucial for rhino conservation. 

BBC Winterwatch

The Otters of Mull

The Isle of Mull is renowned for its wildlife: otters, seals, white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, red deer, dolphins, whales, basking sharks... the list goes on. In November 2020, George and I travelled to the Isle of Mull to uncover the secret lives of otters. 

Save The Rhino

Lara & Her Rhino Research

In partnership with Save The Rhino International, I wrote and presented a social media takeover for their Instagram. In this takeover, I explain why I was researching black rhinos and what the findings could mean for rhino conservation.

The FlipFlopi Project

The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Hosted by The FlipFlopi Project, this webinar explored the role of youth and civil service organisations in conservation. Discussion points centred around the challenges caused by plastic pollution and potential solutions to the problem.


Compost Heaps & Biodiversity

I created a short series of videos for the Isolation Wildlife Photography Awards (IWPA) that would encourage participants to get creative in their gardens. Found out how compost heaps can increase biodiversity in your garden.

Live Presentations

My Research Experiences

I was thrilled give a presentation on my rhino research for the YouTube channel of Roxy Furman, as well as joining Patrick Aryee on his Wild & LIVE channel for a chat about the dolphin project I managed in Zanzibar.


It's Time! Festival

I hosted two talks for It's Time! The festival increased awareness of the climate crisis by hosting an event that brought together a wide range of people fighting for our planet. For every attendee, a tree was planted -  8,989 in total!

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Personal Projects

Rhinos to Badgers

As well as presenting for others, I have worked on quite a few of my own projects. From rhinos in Kenya to badgers in the UK countryside, and everything in between, please click below to see some of my work.