I've been overwhelmed by the reaction that my 'Beads of Blood' photo has received online after it was shared by NatGeoYourShot.
I was completely blown away by all the kind and supportive messages from people around the world and I'm thrilled that so many people have felt touched or inspired by this bloody image. After receiving more than 207,000 likes on the NatGeoYourShot instagram page, it was subsequently featured in a NatGeo Newsletter that you can see below.

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The Back Story

The challenging and defiant look of a lioness defending her kill.

This year, I was fortunate enough to be in the Serengeti National Park during July and August when the annual wildebeest migration is at its peak. A time where Tanzania and Kenya are usually bustling with tourists. However, the global pandemic and its effect on travel and tourism meant we were practically the only car in the park.


During the migration, over 2 million wildebeest pass through the Serengeti ecosystem in search of fresh grass and greener pastures. The sheer volume of animals in the area means that the predators can take a back seat and snatch an easy meal.


We came across this young lioness just as she pounced on a fully grown wildebeest. Unfortunately, her inexperience meant that the kill was not completely clean, and the poor wildebeest was still alive when she started eating. As we re-angled the vehicle, she put her paw possessively over the wildebeest and gave us this intense, challenging stare. I felt instantly small – they are such formidable predators – but drawn to the redness of the blood covering her face and muzzle. I thought that it perfectly illustrated the beauty and brutality of nature.